Life and Mind seminar

The next Life and Mind seminar will be on Wednesday the 8th of Aug., at 16:30 in room Pev1 0A2.

Tom Froese will lead a discussion on:

An enactive resolution to Hume’s problem of personal identity

Since first coming to Sussex almost three years ago I have been interested in the relationship between Hume’s philosophy and enactive cognitive science. In the couple of e-intentionality seminars in which I have already presented on this topic, I focused on how viewing Hume’s work from an enactive perspective makes for a more coherent interpretation of his philosophy of life and mind. However, what can the enactive paradigm learn from Hume’s work in return? This nagging question was finally resolved while I was researching Hume’s problem of personal identity during my recent stay in Sweden. Hume famously admitted not being able to render his account consistent given the accepted premises of his empiricist philosophy. I will argue that enactivism faces a similar problem in its account of autonomous agency and that this has gone unnoticed so far. Nevertheless, it has the right kind of theoretical framework in place in order to address it appropriately. The solution of Hume’s (and the enactivist) problem is based on a phenomenological reconceptualization of causation.

All welcome.

PS. If anyone wants to lead a Life and Mind discussion in the future please send me an e-mail. I’m in the process of putting together a schedule for the coming weeks.


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