Seminar: “Autonomy”

Note: This seminar already happened!


Nathaniel Virgo, Tom Froese, and Eduardo Izquierdo
Life and Mind seminar
Nov 29th, 2006, 15:00 ARUN 404A

Nathaniel, Tom and Eduardo will lead a discussion on the definitions of autonomy and their relevance for the artificial, situated, embodied and dynamical systems perspective to the study of life and cognition.

Some of the themes to be discussed are: a) weak versus strong definitions of autonomy, b) death, time, self and artificial worlds, and c) some examples and suggestions for the future: how can strong autonomy be approached in artificial life? Are dissipative structures “borderline cases” or minimally autonomous systems?

The goal will be to have a focused discussion on (a) how we could get ’strong’ autonomy in an artificial setting, and (b) how we would know that we did.

So everyone come along and bring your favorite definition of autonomy for discussion! 😉


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