Seminar: “Enaction as reality research”

Note: This seminar already happened!

Enaction as reality research

Tom Froese
Life and Mind seminar
17th of January 2007, at 3:00pm
Location: Arun. 404A

What is the final frontier of scientific exploration? Is it the domain of subatomic particles, or perhaps the outer reaches of space? In this talk I will argue that it is neither of these two, but rather the mind as it is studied by cognitive science. It is here that science, as a cognitive activity, is investigating the conditions that make its own existence possible in the first place. Thus, as a form of meta-science, the field of cognitive science is in the priviledged position to influence the scientific project as a whole. Indeed, it has the potential to profoundly alter how we view reality and our place in it.

For the original post with the slides click here.


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