Enactive Interfaces 2008

The latest work with the Enactive Torch is now in press for this year’s Enactive Interfaces conference. A copy of the paper can be downloaded here.

Investigating the role of movement in the constitution of spatial perception using the Enactive Torch

L. Grespan, T. Froese, E. A. Di Paolo, A. K. Seth, A. Spiers and W. Bigge

This paper reports an exploratory study designed to clarify whether the Enactive Torch, a custom-built minimalist distance-to-tactile perceptual supplementation device, can be used to investigate the role of embodied action in the perception of external spatiality. By constraining the kind of exploratory movements available to the participants, we create an experimental setup in which it is possible to study the relationship between bodily degrees of freedom and spatial perception. We present a preliminary investigation of the strategies used by minimally trained participants to locate various objects placed in front of them by engaging in active exploration under constrained conditions.


1 Comment

  1. Guy Gregory said,

    October 8, 2008 at 1:49 pm

    ‘a custom-built minimalist distance-to-tactile perceptual supplemation device’

    I think ‘Enactive Torch’ is a much snappier name! Now, where’s my dictionary gone…

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