Position paper – Artificial Embodiment

Here is the title and extended abstract (or position paper) for the talk which I will be giving at the Workshop on Key Issues in Sensory Augmentation later this month.

Exploring Mind-As-It-Could-Be: From Artificial Life to Artificial Embodiment

Tom Froese
March 26, 2009

How should we investigate the qualitative aspects of being a living, cognitive and conscious agent? I want to argue that we are in the middle of another technologically-inspired development, one which can systematically complement the methodology of AL in this particular respect. I propose to call this emerging field Artificial Embodiment.

Under the label of Artificial Embodiment (AE) I understand a methodology that enables us to go beyond the study of embodiment-as-we-know-it, in order to access the domain of embodiment-as-it-could-be. More precisely, by building on the assumptions that the mind is embodied, and that by systematically changing our embodiment we can systematically change our experiential states, the aim of AE is to access a larger domain of mental phenomena, i.e. mind-as-it-could-be, so as to ground general theories of cognitive science and, of course, reap some technological benefits along the way.

Read the full position paper here.


1 Comment

  1. Tom Froese said,

    April 1, 2009 at 3:45 pm

    The slides for this talk are now available here.

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