It’s been a while since I’ve posted an update, so here it goes. Last week I finally handed in my thesis with the title “Sociality and the life-mind continuity thesis: A study in evolutionary robotics”. The day after I traveled to Berlin for the Coma and Consciousness: Clinical, Societal and Ethical Implications workshop, a general meeting by the COST action on consciousness, and the annual conference of the Association for Scientific Study of Consciousness (ASSC-13). There is no doubt that the field of consciousness studies is buzzing indeed!

Tomorrow I’m leaving for the annual Ratna Ling conference on first-person approaches to consciousness studies in California, where I will be presenting a talk on what I have called “Artificial Embodiment”, an integrative methodology which combines first-person methods and minimalist enactive interfaces by means of hypothesis generation and verification. I’ll make a separate post for the talk’s abstract.


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