Seminar: Sociality and the life-mind continuity thesis

This Wednesday I will give a Life and Mind seminar at 4:30pm in Arun-401. Title and abstract below:

Sociality and the life-mind continuity thesis: An exploration in evolutionary robotics

Tom Froese

Time: 4:30-6:00pm
Date: Wed. 2nd, September 2009
Location: Arun-401, University of Sussex, UK

In this seminar I will provide a brief summary of my PhD. The main idea is the following:

The life-mind continuity thesis, which is the theoretical foundation for recent embodied, enactive and dynamical approaches to cognitive science, holds that mind is prefigured in life and that mind belongs to life. Its biggest challenge is the problem of scalability: how can the same explanatory framework that accounts for basic phenomena of life and mind be extended to incorporate the highest reaches of human cognition? So far there has been little systematic response to this apparent ‘cognitive gap’.

The aim of my PhD is to show that the scalability problem appears insurmountable because of the prevalent focus on the individual agent alone, and that the problem can be resolved by an appreciation of the constitutive role of sociality. In the seminar I will present a series of evolutionary robotics models that support this argument.

All welcome!


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