Forthcoming publications

During this transition phase I thought it would be a good idea to update the list of publications. Here is the list of articles that will be published this and next year (so far):

Froese, T. & Stewart, J. (2010), “Life after Ashby: Ultrastability and the autopoietic foundations of biological individuality”, Cybernetics & Human Knowing, forthcoming

Torrance, S. & Froese, T. (2010), “An inter-enactive approach to agency: Phenomenology, dynamics, and ethics”, Humana.Mente, forthcoming

Froese, T., Gould, C. & Barrett, A. (2011), “Re-Viewing From Within: A Commentary on First- and Second-Person Methods in the Science of Consciousness”, Constructivist Foundations, forthcoming

Froese, T., Gould, C. & Seth, A. K. (2011), “Objective measures for validating and calibrating first- and second-person methods”, Journal of Consciousness Studies, forthcoming

I will post individual abstracts and links to the actual articles as they become available. Several manuscripts that report on my research at the Sackler Centre for Consciousness Science are also in preparation.


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