Paper: Re-Viewing from Within

A review paper that I co-authored with Cass Gould and Adam Barrett during my stay at the Sackler Centre for Consciousness Science has just been published in the journal Constructivist Foundations:

Re-Viewing from Within A Commentary on First- and Second-Person Methods in the Science of Consciousness

Tom Froese, Cassandra Gould and Adam Barrett

> Context • There is a growing recognition in consciousness science of the need for rigorous methods for obtaining accurate and detailed phenomenological reports of lived experience, i.e., descriptions of experience provided by the subject living them in the “first-person.”
> Problem • At the moment although introspection and debriefing interviews are sometimes used to guide the design of scientific studies of the mind, explicit description and evaluation of these methods and their results rarely appear in formal scientific discourse.
> Method • The recent publication of an edited book of papers dedicated to the exploration of first-and second-person methods, Ten Years of Viewing from Within: The Legacy of Francisco Varela, serves as a starting point for a discussion of how these methods could be integrated into the growing discipline of consciousness science. We complement a brief review of the book with a critical analysis of the major pilot studies in Varela’s neurophenomenology, a research program that was explicitly devised to integrate disciplined experiential methods with the latest advances in neuroscience.
> Results • The book is a valuable resource for those who are interested in impressive recent advances in first- and second-person methods, as applied to the phenomenology of lived experience. However, our review of the neurophenomenology literature concludes that there is as yet no convincing example of these specialized techniques being used in combination with standard behavioral and neuroscientific approaches in consciousness science to produce results that could not have also been achieved by simpler methods of introspective reporting.
> Implications • The end of behaviorism and the acceptance of verbal reports of conscious experience have already enabled the beginning of a science of consciousness. It can only be of benefit if new first- and second-person methods become well-known across disciplines.
> Constructivist content • Constructivism has long been interested in the role of the observer in the constitution of
our sense of reality, so these developments in the science of consciousness may open new avenues of constructivist research. More specifically, one of the ways in which the insights from first- and second-person methods are being validated is by recursively applying the methods to themselves; a practical application of an epistemological move that will be familiar to constructivists from the second-order cybernetics tradition.
> Key words • Lived experience, neurophenomenology, Francisco Varela, observer, introspection, cognitive science.

The full article is freely available for download from the online version of Constructivist Foundations (you simply need to create a login account). Or you can download the paper from here.


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