New BBS commentary on second-person neuroscience

The next issue of Behavioral and Brain Sciences includes a target article on second-person neuroscience by Schilbach et al.

I contributed a commentary with my collaborators in Japan based on our extensive research with agent-based models of social interaction. The title and abstract are as follows:

From synthetic modeling of social interaction to dynamic theories of brain-body-environment-body-brain systems

Tom Froese, Hiroyuki Iizuka and Takashi Ikegami

Synthetic approaches to social interaction support the development of a second-person neuroscience. Agent-based models and psychological experiments can be related in a mutually informing manner. Models have the advantage of making the nonlinear brain–body–environment–body–brain system as a whole accessible to analysis by dynamical systems theory. We highlight some general principles of how social interaction can partially constitute an individual’s behavior.


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