Our Teotihuacan social network research on TV

The interdisciplinary collaboration between two social systems modelers, Carlos Gershenson and I, and one of the most renowned archaeologists of Teotihuacan resulted in a first attempt to formally explore the possibilities of collective government of the ancient city:

Froese T, Gershenson C, Manzanilla LR (2014) Can Government Be Self-Organized? A Mathematical Model of the Collective Social Organization of Ancient Teotihuacan, Central Mexico. PLoS ONE 9(10): e109966. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0109966

The press release has been taken up by national Mexican TV. See the interviews here:

Hechos Meridiano (2014, Nov. 26). Los misterios de Teotihuacan [Television broadcast]. TV Azteca: Azteca Noticias. Retrieved from: http://www.aztecanoticias.com.mx

And here:

Creadores Universitarias (2014, Nov. 26). Arqueología matemática [Television broadcast]. Noticierios Televisa: FOROtv. Retrieved from: http://noticieros.televisa.com



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