I teach three kinds of courses at the postgraduate level at the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM).

Research seminars

[Officially designated title: “Seminario de investigación”]

Since the beginning of 2015 I teach the graduate students under my supervision, which takes the form of weekly research seminars. These meetings are also open to other students and researchers who are interested in the group’s topics.

Please consult the website of the 4E Cognition Group for more details.

Autonomous agents, social systems, and the new cognitive science

[Officially designated title: “Agentes autónomos y multiagentes”]

This course provides an introduction to recent developments in cognitive science, known collectively as “4E Cognition”, from the perspective of the artificial sciences and their contributions: cybernetics, robotics, neural networks, complex systems, and human-computer interfaces.

Please consult the semester 2018-II course website for more details.

Introduction to evolutionary robotics: Theory and practice

[Officially designated title: “Introducción a la robótica evolutiva”]

This course will build on the theoretical foundations provided in the previous course and deepen this understanding in a more practical way by employing an evolutionary robotics and dynamical systems approach.

When and where: TBC, probably semester 2019-I.